Shana recognizes that managing resources – time, budget, and talent – is a continuous challenge for small businesses and marketing communications managers. 

The decision to outsource has inherent advantages and disadvantages, as does hiring full-time staff.  With this in mind, Shana approaches your needs with flexibility, creativity, and dedication in order to optimize your customer experience.


Shana’s unique professional background is a medley of diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities that make Shana nimble and effective all at once.  Shana’s diverse skillset enables her to accommodate the wide array of prose needed for various marketing campaigns ranging from tactical ad copy designed for immediate demand generation to thought leadership pieces and repositioning initiatives designed to change how customers perceive an industry, organization, and/or brand.


Having grown up performing in the Los Angeles theater community as a dancer/singer/actress, Shana draws from her theater background for a unique, distinct approach to any project she tackles.  Combined with her strong business training, she taps into ideas and concepts not obvious to the conventional business thinker, yielding results that surpass existing expectations and present opportunities previously unimagined.


Shana believes in getting the job done no matter what.  Examples of her strong work ethic include projects in which she has skyped with development teams located in India in the middle of the night and client meetings in which she has traveled by train, plane, and automobile with severe morning sickness donning a smile on her face to meet her customers’ needs.

Shana strongly believes that high quality customer service is the hallmark of success.  She strives to go beyond just delivering project results and approaches each project as an opportunity to grow side-by-side with her customers as a genuine partner in your success.